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our story

In the Beginning...

Bernice Zerafa and Bernard Montebello, two founders of Candle Crate, started the company in November 2020. The origins of Candle Crate may be traced back to the little island of Malta. There were very few candle manufacturers and those who dabbled in cosmetics on the island. In reality, all that remained of such trade in our little communities were very few individuals, and the majority of the candles/cosmetics were imported and sterile.

This is when we decided to devote endless days to acquire the knowledge, skill, and trade necessary to make one-of-a-kind designer candles for our loved ones and friends. We wanted to make meaningful presents while resurrecting a long-forgotten artisanal trade on our island. We wanted to create a legacy and become local candle makers. Our ambition and Candle Crate's major goal is to create great fun-to-use products by conceptualizing, designing, and delivering them. The objective is to reach both local and worldwide audiences by relying on word of mouth and the greatness of the product. Candle Crate specializes in handcrafted cosmetics and beauty products. Specializing in awesomeness, Candle Crate was created with a creative mindset to output great handmade products that are made with passion and love. 


All great companies need a vision and mission. Our mission statement is "With Love." With a desire and ambition to build on yesterday for a better tomorrow, our objective is to create a fresh handcrafted cosmetic brand. Our ambition is to become one of the industry's leading brands. Our objective is to create high-quality candles and cosmetics that are unique and distinctive. Our aim is to be environmentally conscious and to get others to do the same. If we can link you to the right product for your needs, you'll get great value for your money, we'll get a loyal client, the consumption of unnecessary products will decrease, and money will no longer be squandered. When you think about what people actually desire, rainbows, unicorns, and waterfalls come to mind, and we've got them! Our products are organic, animal-cruelty-free, genuine, and customizable. Using only bio-ethical products Candle Crate provides an alternative cool product within the cosmetic and beauty industry. All of the products are created with love and are awesome.

In hindsight, we see on a daily basis that our vision and dream were just a reaction to our rivals' within the Maltese market, it was a dream and a need for something purer and more in tune with the flowers, nature, and bees rather than the air-conditioned cement grey-ish buildings and machine-made products. To this Candle Crate, responded with using only the finest rawest ingredients that are curated from around the world while investing countless hours becoming experts in eliminating all the plastic and unnecessary packaging from the product and creating re-usable packaging that is sustainable. We believe that cost of extra packaging would be more beneficial in the product itself. So we learned how to craft eye-candy packaging that is 100% sustainable or recyclable.  


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