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Blackwood & Amber Jar Candle  (350ml/12oz)

Blackwood & Amber Jar Candle (350ml/12oz)


An ivory looking candle with a wooden wick in a re-usable jar. The wooden wicks creates a horizontal flame that throws more heat into your candle quicker, so even though it burns slower and lower, a wooden wick candle with heat up your fragrances and creates a scent throw into your room in less time.


The Blackwood scent has a complex accord of ingredients. The top notes are light, radiant and fresh. We have used bergamot oil because of its bright sunniness typical of citrus but with a unique floral and spicy edge, complimented with saffron, cardamom and a delicate rose aroma.


The very essence of the fragrance is represented by the exotic agarwood and other rich ingredients. The sweet scent of patchouli and sun-warmed vetiver compliment the tonka bean which is one of the most luscious and seductive ingredients in our palette. The woody base notes give the Blackwood scent its depth, richness and mystique. The combination of amber, musk, woods and spices, make the aroma uplifting and long-lasting. This type of fragrance is very versatile, a classic scent that is also aromatic and elegant.


Optional gift box for an extra €1 :)

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