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our story

Candle Crate is based on creative oriented individuals who make products that add more value to the current cosmetic and beauty industry – providing a reliable product. Candle Crate’s aim is to conceptualize, design & deliver incredible fun to use products. Relying on word of mouth and the awesomeness of the product the idea is to reach both local and international markets.

Candle Crate is based in Malta, specializing in hand-made cosmetic and beauty products. Focusing on two particular products candles and bath bombs the possibilities are endless. Specializing in awesomeness, Candle Crate was created with a creative mindset to output great handmade products that are made with passion and love. Our products are organic, animal-cruelty free, genuine, and customizable. Using only bio-ethical products candle crate provides an alternative cool product within the cosmetic and beauty industry. All of the products are created with love and are awesome.

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